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it's not just a hill

Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Why we should care
View of back harbour and Lunenburg campground. Photo: Troy Brake

The Friends of Blockhouse Hill group was created as a response to Lunenburg town council’s announcement that they intend to sell off 22 acres of Blockhouse Hill to a private developer in order to build a medium-density housing development. Almost all these dwellings will sell at fair market value and will not be affordable to most Canadians.


Blockhouse Hill is a place of extraordinary beauty with a 360-degree view of both the front and back harbours of Lunenburg. It is a place of refuge for residents and visitors alike.  The woods that run down to the Back Harbour walking trail are a home and corridor for wildlife and pollinators in the old town of Lunenburg.  The trees protect our hill from erosion.  These woods are an important connection to nature and are one of the few nature walks available to Lunenburg residents without the use of a car. 


Blockhouse Hill is within the buffer zone of Lunenburg’s UNESCO designation.  Chipping away at the buffer zone may have a serious impact on the future of Lunenburg’s Unesco status.


Historically, the Town of Lunenburg could not exist without Blockhouse Hill.  It played an important role in one of the bloodiest Privateer raids in Maritime history.  It has a substantial connection to the War of 1812. It is the site of a bloody battle between the Foreign Protestant settlers and the Indigenous people.  It then played a vital part in the 1760 Peace and Friendship Treaty. It is a Canadian Landmark and should remain protected and preserved in the hands of the public.


We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep our beautiful hill available for the enjoyment of all Canadians.

Thank you to all who attended the Town Hall meeting on May 9th to show your support. 

For those who were unable to attend, here's Thom Barclay's presentation.

drone footage of the proposed
area of development

Special thanks to Troy Brake for use of this video.

How to get involved!

Print a poster to 
display in your

Send a message to Town Council by displaying a poster in your home, office or business window to let them know we need a town meeting to discuss this topic.

For printers with black ink only.

Sign a petition

We have two petitions. One is for residents of the Town of Lunenburg. The other is for anyone who would like to show their concern and support our efforts to protect this area.

All petitions to the government of Nova Scotia must be signed in person.


You can download the petitions, print them in two separate sheets of paper to display at your business or share with friends and relatives.


If you have filled out the petition please contact us and we will be happy to instruct you on where you can drop off your petition.

write a letter 
to Town Council

Write a letter or call to speak to one of our councillors at the town of Lunenburg!

Contact information and individuals are listed below.

Personalize your letter if you can, a key talking point is that we are requesting a town meeting to discuss the future of Blockhouse Hill but feel free to voice any of your own concerns.
Quantity of letters received is important!

Remember! Your letter does not have to be perfect. It is more important to get our concerns out there and on record. The more letters they receive, the harder we are to ignore.

NOTE: If you are sending an email, you might consider sending your letter as an attachment, which is sometimes easier for the government to handle. You can also put your letter in the body of the email.

Mayor Matt Risser

Councillor Jenni Birtles

Councillor Melissa Duggan

Councillor Stephen Ernst

Councillor Ed Halverson

Deputy Mayor Peter Mosher

Councillor Susan Sanford

town Council, We need to Talk.
battle for lunenburg's soul

Special thanks to Mary Knickle for composing and performing this wonderful song and to the talented volunteer choir.


Sign up with your name and email address to receive updates on how you can take action and learn more about the proposed development at Blockhouse Hill or follow us on Facebook.

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